Why Gerson therapy, modern vs. alternative cancer treatment (part 2)

The decision to begin alternative cancer treatment was fairly simple. We experienced the surgery/chemotherapy route and knew that wasn’t an option. Even so, knowing the difference between the two treatments reinforced our decision.

In modern medicine, cancers are cut out, which means opening the body and removing tissue or vital organs. Surgeries cause pain and break down the bodies immune system. Then, chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer. Chemotherapy also destroys healthy living cells, such as bone marrow (produces white blood cells that are essential to the immune system). Chemotherapy drugs originated from nitrogen mustard, a chemical warfare agent. They are highly toxic and suppress the immune system further. Lastly, radiation is targeted to a specific area of the body and may cause severe burns, which are nearly impossible to heal. Nonetheless, radiation is useful in easing pain and slowing/reducing tumor size.

In alternative medicine, cancers are caused by deficiency and toxicity. As a society, our diet is deficient in nutrients. We eat processed, genetically modified and pesticide-ridden foods. Toxins from the air, water, soil, cosmetic products, and electromagnetic fields further weaken our immune system. The Gerson Therapy restores the body’s defenses and allows the body to heal itself.

To fix the deficiency, a maximum amount of nutritious food is eaten, and the patient drinks freshly-prepared organic juices. The full therapy consists of 13 juices and 3 vegetarian meals daily. Once nutrients start flooding the body, toxins are released from cells. The toxins enter the bloodstream and get pushed onto the liver (the body’s detoxification center). Unless moved quickly, the build-up of toxins can cause self-intoxication and liver failure. To rid the body of powerful toxins, coffee enemas (procedure in which coffee is injected into the rectum) are necessary and cannot be omitted by a Gerson patient.

So…the options are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation vs. organic healthy eating and coffee enemas. One breaks down the immune system while the other builds it up. Both have ups and downs, but alternative medicine allows for a better quality of life. At the Gerson center, we learn how to administer the therapy at home. Once at home, the therapy lasts two to three years. Success or failure is based on putting nutrients in and taking toxins out. It takes effort to juice 13 times and prepare fresh food daily. As with anything, success requires work.

In the next post or posts, I will discuss the day of a Gerson patient and coffee enemas. Thank you for following and stay tuned. If you feel you have anything to say, please comment below.

The “Healing The Gerson Way, Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases” book provides great insight on treating disease holistically, with plenty of scientific data to back its claims. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to rid themselves of any disease (asthma, depression, migraines, etc.). If you are in the south suburbs of Chicago, you can get it from Naked Sprout Organics Market in Lockport. Talk to Laurie, who cured her cancer by following the Gerson Therapy at home. She knows a lot.

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10 comments on “Why Gerson therapy, modern vs. alternative cancer treatment (part 2)
  1. Dan says:

    I am a raw vegan and have eaten at the Thanks Jordan Raw Vegan Cafe numerous times. What a treat to have such a precious opportunity to eat deliciously prepared raw food so near to me! I thank you for your mission and hope that I can contribute some day. You are saving lives! http://www.rawvegancafe.org/

  2. Lucy says:

    This is just incredible… Keep sharing! We are reading!

  3. Kasia Pawlikowska says:

    Hi Rafal you have some really great information in here keep on posting we are reading. I’ve never heard of that place in Lockport and will definitely look into it

  4. Maria says:

    This is awesome information, all of us need to read this and be aware of our foods and diseases. I never heard of this place in Lockport and am eager to check it out!

  5. Pablo says:

    Hi Rafa, we miss you we Still in Tijuana and we see all the days what incredible is this teraphy, and please say hello stan

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  2. […] Why Gerson therapy, modern vs. alternative cancer treatment (part 2) […]

  3. […] Why Gerson therapy, modern vs. alternative cancer treatment (part 2) […]

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