Water makes up over 2/3 of our body. 90 percent of our brain, 80 percent of our blood, and 20 percent of our bones are made of water. Water protects our joints, regulates body temperature, and moisturizes the air in our lungs. It is just as important to seek quality water as quality food.

About 90 percent of fruits and vegetables are made of water, the amount the human body needs.

Clean drinking water is a human right; nonetheless, we are running out of quality water. The meat production industry uses more water than the rest of the nation combined, including the manufacturing industry. 60 percent of all crops in the United States is used to grow food for animals, with half of the nations water being drawn by irrigators onto crops.

In addition, slaughterhouses dump animal blood and parts into major waterways. In the United States, the purity and supply of water is seriously damaged as a result of excessive meat eating.

By focusing on a plant-based diet, you will eat quality water and more drinking water will be available.

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