Sugar keeps us going, providing warmth, energy, and a mucus coating for vital organs.

Sugar is essential to life, but excess sugar is linked to many problems. Too much sugar causes unhealthy amounts of mucus and swelling. Excess sugar acidifies the blood, depletes the body of Vitamin B and other minerals, which may have an effect on hair health. Too much sugar can throw off the body’s pH levels. Calcium is taken out of your bones to neutralize the blood levels, leading to bone loss and arthritis. Excess sugar is the leading cause of obesity, as insulin store excess energy as fat.

Eastern medicine states the amount of protein needed depends on the amount of carbohydrates (sugar) you eat, and vice versa (the amount of carbohydrates you need depends on the amount of protein you eat). The more sugar eaten, especially refined sugar, the bigger desire for protein, which is found in animal products.

All plant foods contain sugar. By eating plant foods, you will get the energy you need along with important vitamins and nutrients.

What about honey? Honey has more energy than table sugar. Traditionally, honey has been used as a medicine to relieve pain, moisten dryness and treat dry throat and cough.

Honey is very rich in nutrients but takes a lot of energy to make. It takes one bee, working 8 hours a day, a month to gather a teaspoon of honey.

Sugar may be the biggest factor affecting our health. Eating an unprocessed diet is the best way to eat a healthy amount of sugar.

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