Protein means “primary substance.” Basically, everything is made of protein since everything has structure.

The building blocks of protein are amino acids. There are about 20 amino acids known. Some amino acids our bodies can produce. The amino acids that can not be produced by the body, and must be obtained from food, are called essential amino acids.

Do plant foods contain protein? Truth is, every single unrefined food from the vegetable or animal kingdom has all twenty known amino acids, including essential amino acids.

But, the amount of each amino acid varies. For example, to get vegetable protein that resembles that of meat, you may choose a grain (ie. oats, rice, corn) and legume (beans, lentil, peas) in about two parts grain and one part legume.

Can a pure vegetarian diet make you strong and healthy? It sure does work for deer, horses, and humans. If you want to be strong as a horse, eat like a horse.

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