protein from animal sources

Animal tissue and milk offers protein, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids, sugars, and other nutrients. Nonetheless, only a small amount of meat is digestible. When meat is over-eaten, the undigested portion contributes to mucus conditions, makes one sluggish, and attracted to stimulants such as coffee, refined sugar and alcohol.

Animals are considered less aware than humans. However, they are conscious and able to feel. According to this belief, eating lower forms of animals is better than eating higher forms. It is better to eat eggs, then fish, then birds (chicken, turkey, duck, goose) and lastly red meat. Nutritionally speaking, this belief is true.

Excess dietary fat and cholesterol from red meat and and birds have been linked as the main causes of heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and many other diseases. Fish, on the other hand, is rich in polyunsaturated fat, which helps the body eliminate excess cholesterol.

Simpler animals are less contaminated with pesticides and other contaminants. By eating simpler animals, you waste less of the animal. For example, you can eat an entire egg, but would you eat a bull’s tail, knuckles or bones? The taking of lower order life is nutritionally better than taking higher forms.

A high protein diet also causes the body to become acidic. It leads to urea, which binds to calcium and passes through the urine. Without calcium, bones, nerves and the heart weaken.

Lastly, every unrefined plant food contains all 20 essential amino acids. Plant foods are made up of 5 percent protein. 5 percent is the amount babies receive from the mother’s milk during their most important phase of growth and development. So please include more plant foods in your diet. Nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables and fruits are great protein sources.

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