let’s taco bout vegan comfort food, Taco Bell


Whenever I get the crave for Taco Bell, I answer it. Their tortillas and shells are not made from any animal products, which makes them vegan friendly and safe.

For example, for the past few years, I have been eating the Black Bean Burrito. It is delicious and a couple will fill you up! The only warning worth mentioning is make sure you hold the cheese, as the bean burrito originally comes with cheese.

In terms of nutrition, the black bean burrito comes with lots of fiber, carbohydrates and protein. The only thing that is a little discouraging is the amount of sodium it has (close to 50 percent of daily recommended value). It also has very scientific ingredients, such as dextrose. Take a look at their nutritional info here.

All in all, it is vegan, has lots of fiber and no trans fat.

So, when I need something quick and vegan, I turn to Taco Bell. You can customize most of their menu to be vegan, I’m just partial to the black bean burrito!

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