how culture shames men for being vegan

Unfortunately, there is a belief that vegan food is not as healthy, strong or masculine. It’s found in the things we say and the way we market our products. For example, the cultural campaign “Real men eat meat” does not persuade men to pick up a carrot when hungry.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has an awesome, short podcast full of interesting facts on the topic. You can find it here.

A quick summary from the podcast:

Vegan plant foods have a negative connotation while most animal meats are associated with strength.

  • Coach potato: if someone is a coach potato, they usually are lazy, unmotivated and dumb.
  • Fruit: If someone is a fruit, that usually refers to their homosexuality.
  • Vegetable: If someone is a vegetable, they are in the unfortunate state of being brain dead or bed-ridden.
  • Lemon: A lemon is usually something that is broken or useless, such as a car.
  • Pea-brained: Small minded, stupid.

What about animal products?

  • Bringing home the bacon!: If you bring home the bacon, you are bringing support, stability and abundance into the home.
  • Beef up: When someone beefs up, that usually means working out and getting strong.
  • Beef cake: A strong buff male model.

I believe our view on plant foods as weak is a reason why most men aren’t open to the health benefits of being vegan. We don’t want to be seen as weak and broken. We want to bring home THE BACON, that abundance. We want to be that hot sexy beef cake model. I don’t blame them. We all want to fit it. Nonetheless, I hope this small article will just shift your thinking a little and encourage you to eat vegan, if only a little.

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