high fructose corn syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is an artificial sweetener created in 1966. High fructose corn syrup is cheap to produce, makes food taste better, gives food a longer shelf life, and is found in absolutely everything, such as fast food, ketchup, mustard, drinks, bread, etc.

Even though it is artificial sugar, it is still broken down and used by the body in a very similar way as real sugar. Nutritionally speaking, it is just as safe or harmful as table sugar. So high fructose corn syrup itself isn’t the problem. The real problem is the amount of sugar we now consume.

Before HFCS, food manufactures used real sugar and were at the mercy of mother nature, which yielded unpredictable amounts. This made food prices fluctuate dramatically. Since the discovery of HFCS, sugar production became cheap and inexpensive. So cheap, in fact, that is literally found its way into the entire food industry.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that the average person in the United States eats about 150 pounds of sugar. To put that into perspective, that means you and I eat about 3,402 apples a year, or drink about 1,745 cans of coke every year.

Without HFCS, we would consume less sugar because real sugar is expensive. Economically speaking, it would unprofitable for companies to add real sugar in the quantities currently allowable with HFCS.

The best way to avoid all that sugar is eat more unprocessed food, because mother nature couples sugar with important nutrients to keep us healthy.

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