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Conclusion to Gerson treatment, alternative cancer therapy

I wish I could write a different post, however this particular story does not have a happy ending. My dad, Stanislaw Mrozek, the patient of the Gerson therapy, passed away on May 22, 2013.

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Health update and daily schedule on Gerson therapy

It has been 17 days since we started the Gerson therapy. So far, we have nothing but good things to report. Not only did 2 weeks of the therapy shed years off the patient’s age, but it brought the family

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Last night at clinic, pics of clinic and Tijuanna (beach, boardwalk, street art, graffiti)

Today is a bitter/sweet moment for my dad and I. Tonight is our last night at the clinic. Tomorrow morning we leave for Chicago. The clinic has become a second, comfortable home and will be missed. The staff will be

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Gerson diet. The foods we eat. (lots of photos)

Five cooks provide the Gerson diet at the therapy center. They do a great job feeding us. What do they feed us you might ask? Plant foods!

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First healing reaction, flare-ups

A flare-up, or healing reaction, is a great sign the therapy is in progress. However, a flare-up is downright confusing. A healing reaction comes without warning, makes you feel sick, nauseous, bloated, and moody.

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Why Gerson therapy, modern vs. alternative cancer treatment (part 2)

The decision to begin alternative cancer treatment was fairly simple. We experienced the surgery/chemotherapy route and knew that wasn’t an option. Even so, knowing the difference between the two treatments reinforced our decision.

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Fighting cancer with the Gerson Therapy, background info (part 1)

Greetings from room 109 of Clinica Nutricion y Vida, in Tijuana Mexico. Clinica Nutricion y Vida is a licensed Gerson Institute therapy clinic. A Gerson therapy focuses on rebuilding the body’s failed immune system with food. Once the immune system

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