My name is Rafal “Ralph” Mrozek, and I created DefinitionHealth.com because health and food is my passion. I believe you are what you eat. I believe food should be your medicine and medicine be your food. I believe one of the last and most important free choices we have is what we eat or not eat. I believe food will either make you healthy or sick. I also believe in vegan health. Not to say you can’t be a healthy carnivore or omnivore, but being vegan is at the core of who I am and my passion.

Even if you are not vegan, you will find lots of value here. The focus of DefintionHealth.com will be on the science of food and health. For example, in a clinical study, depressed patients had about 35 percent less omega-3 fatty acid in their blood, as compared with healthy patients. A great source of omega-3 fatty acid is flax seed. See, you don’t have to be vegan to learn something about food and depression. Nonetheless, here is the vegan spin on things. Flax seed is the best source of omega-3 fatty acid, animal products don’t have much omega-3 fatty acids, and the vegetable oils that are used to fry meat has damaging oils to health, rather than the necessary omega-3 fatty acid. If you focus on eating vegan foods, deficiencies like omega-3 fatty acid will take care of themselves.

I have been vegan since 2013, but my journey began about 2010. In 2010, I decided to sell vitamins online and began doing research on how vitamins work in the human body. My research led me to government clinical studies that showed correlations between nutrients and diseases. At that moment, I believed that you can cure yourself by taking the proper vitamins.

Around that time, I watched Food Matters, a documentary promoting food as medicine. Then I watched Forks over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Those documentaries coupled with my beliefs from clinical studies shaped my belief that real food can be used to cure diseases.

In late 2011, my dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He underwent the routine medical procedure. He got his stomach removed and started chemotherapy. Nonetheless, in late 2013, the cancer spread to his liver. Doctors gave him about 6 months to live. I remember we were in low spirits. But for some reason, we went to try a vegan restaurant by our home. That experience ended up changing our lives.

Not only was the food delicious, but we met the owner. She cured herself of breast cancer by following a vegan diet. She recommended we read “Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases.” After reading the book, we decided to go to Tijuana, Mexico for cancer treatment.

The doctors at the Gerson clinic were fantastic. They took blood samples regularly and directed the health of patients with constant food and juices. It was a beautiful and peaceful therapy that showed promising results. Unfortunately, my dad passed away in May of 2013. Nonetheless, I still would recommend the Gerson therapy for cancer treatment.

As a parting gift, the doctor from the clinic gave me book called “Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition.” This book really clarified the purpose of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water and micronutrients in our diet. It opened my eyes to the Standard American Diet (SAD) and its horrible effects on our society.

At this time, I gave up all meat and fish, but sill ate cheese, yogurt and honey. That changed when I read a book called “The Wandering Taoist.” That book made me realize that all animals are smart, should be respected and not treated as food. In addition, 800 pound gorillas thrive on a vegan diet, so its possible.

My vegan transformation has been influenced by the health benefits, the environment, and animal advocacy. Nonetheless, I will largely focus on the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. I hope DefinitionHealth.com will shift your perception of food and health. I also hope this is the beginning of your vegan journey. It truly is a healthy lifestyle for you, the environment, and the animals who can feel love, happiness, hate, fear and pain.

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