3 simple delicious healthy vegan meals in 30 minutes under $2.00 per serving.

These three meals are quick and easy because all the ingredients are already prepared. Minimal effort is required to get a rich taste.

The almond, rolled oats, jelly and banana will cost you about $1.61 per serving to make. Up front, you will invest about $20 for the ingredients, but these ingredients make a lot of food. The almond butter costs $13.00 and has 11 servings in the jar. The Jelly costs about $4.00 and has 17 servings in the jar, the oats cost about $3.00 and have 30 servings in the box, and 7 bananas cost about $1.50 and have about 14 servings (I used half a banana in the recipe).

vegan almond butter oats jelly banana

The avocado, salsa and tortilla salad will cost you about $0.92 per serving. Up front, you will spend about $11.50 for ingredients. The salsa is about $4.50 and has 21 servings. The chips are about $3.00 and have 14 servings, and 4 avocados give me 8 servings. vegan avocado salsa tortilla chips

The marinara sauce and pasta will cost you about $0.88 per serving. Up front, the ingredients will cost about $5.00. The marinara sauce will cost about $3.00 and yields 5 servings. The pasta is about $2.00 and yields 7 servings. vegan pasta marinara sauce

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