3 simple delicious healthy vegan meals in 30 minutes under $2.00 per serving.

3 simple healthy vegan meals delicious

These three meals are quick and easy because all the ingredients are already prepared. Minimal effort is required to get a rich taste.

The almond, rolled oats, jelly and banana will cost you about $1.61 per serving to make. Up front, you will invest about $20 for the ingredients, but these ingredients make a lot of food. The almond butter costs $13.00 and has 11 servings in the jar. The Jelly costs about $4.00 and has 17 servings in the jar, the oats cost about $3.00 and have 30 servings in the box, and 7 bananas cost about $1.50 and have about 14 servings (I used half a banana in the recipe).

vegan almond butter oats jelly banana

The avocado, salsa and tortilla salad will cost you about $0.92 per serving. Up front, you will spend about $11.50 for ingredients. The salsa is about $4.50 and has 21 servings. The chips are about $3.00 and have 14 servings, and 4 avocados give me 8 servings. vegan avocado salsa tortilla chips

The marinara sauce and pasta will cost you about $0.88 per serving. Up front, the ingredients will cost about $5.00. The marinara sauce will cost about $3.00 and yields 5 servings. The pasta is about $2.00 and yields 7 servings. vegan pasta marinara sauce

Please ask questions and post comments!

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Tortilla avocado salsa salad


When I am looking for a quick, easy to make meal or snack, I mix together an avocado, a handful of tortilla chips and a few tablespoons of salsa. Tasty, quick and vegan!




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let’s taco bout vegan comfort food, Taco Bell


Whenever I get the crave for Taco Bell, I answer it. Their tortillas and shells are not made from any animal products, which makes them vegan friendly and safe.

For example, for the past few years, I have been eating the Black Bean Burrito. It is delicious and a couple will fill you up! The only warning worth mentioning is make sure you hold the cheese, as the bean burrito originally comes with cheese.

In terms of nutrition, the black bean burrito comes with lots of fiber, carbohydrates and protein. The only thing that is a little discouraging is the amount of sodium it has (close to 50 percent of daily recommended value). It also has very scientific ingredients, such as dextrose. Take a look at their nutritional info here.

All in all, it is vegan, has lots of fiber and no trans fat.

So, when I need something quick and vegan, I turn to Taco Bell. You can customize most of their menu to be vegan, I’m just partial to the black bean burrito!

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Potato, sweet potato and beet dinner

healthy lunch dinner

healthy lunch dinner

This is a fantastic and simple dinner. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and bake some potatoes, a sweet potato and beets for about an hour, or until everything is nice and tender. Grate your beets, dice a sweet potato and cut your favorite potatoes in half. Enjoy!

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how culture shames men for being vegan

Image from Zazzle.com

Unfortunately, there is a belief that vegan food is not as healthy, strong or masculine. It’s found in the things we say and the way we market our products. For example, the cultural campaign “Real men eat meat” does not persuade men to pick up a carrot when hungry.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has an awesome, short podcast full of interesting facts on the topic. You can find it here.

A quick summary from the podcast:

Vegan plant foods have a negative connotation while most animal meats are associated with strength.

  • Coach potato: if someone is a coach potato, they usually are lazy, unmotivated and dumb.
  • Fruit: If someone is a fruit, that usually refers to their homosexuality.
  • Vegetable: If someone is a vegetable, they are in the unfortunate state of being brain dead or bed-ridden.
  • Lemon: A lemon is usually something that is broken or useless, such as a car.
  • Pea-brained: Small minded, stupid.

What about animal products?

  • Bringing home the bacon!: If you bring home the bacon, you are bringing support, stability and abundance into the home.
  • Beef up: When someone beefs up, that usually means working out and getting strong.
  • Beef cake: A strong buff male model.

I believe our view on plant foods as weak is a reason why most men aren’t open to the health benefits of being vegan. We don’t want to be seen as weak and broken. We want to bring home THE BACON, that abundance. We want to be that hot sexy beef cake model. I don’t blame them. We all want to fit it. Nonetheless, I hope this small article will just shift your thinking a little and encourage you to eat vegan, if only a little.

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blood sugar

Low and high blood sugar depends on the foods you eat. Carbohydrates are key to controlling blood sugar. All carbohydrates get broken down by our body into simple sugars (glucose). When carbs are eaten and broken down, the blood sugar content in our blood rises. Controlling carbohydrate intake controls blood sugar content. Good sources include fruits and vegetables.

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Getting back on track with barley lunch

Its been at least a few months since I posted on this blog. Turns out eating healthy and conveniently takes a little work and effort. Is it hard? I wouldn’t say it’s hard. Nonethless, there is a slight  learning curve.

Being healthy is a journey, a lifestyle, a commitment. Every journey starts with that first step, or multiple first steps, as in my case.

Read more ›

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living an unhealthy, plant-based lifestyle

Can you be completely vegan and still have health issues? Well, it seems that I am proof of a vegan who doesn’t have the healthiest diet.

For example, a few days ago, my friend and I went out after work. I had chips and guacamole as an appetizer and two beers. Later that night, I had some company over for a movie. I put a plant-based pizza in the oven, ate about a bag of potato chips and had another beer. The next day was some noodles and vegetables from a Chinese restaurant for lunch and an energy drink to wash it down. Later at night, more beers with great company.

We are just coming out of labor day weekend, and I had friends visiting from out of town. The bulk of my weekend consisted of eating out and drinking alcohol.

I don’t have the healthiest diet. I eat too much sugar from frozen pizzas, potato chips, energy bars, french fries, soda and bread. The challenge is to eat less processed sugar.

To accomplish my goals, I am going to be exploring and preparing different foods. I am going to spend some time in the kitchen and really figure out what I like and don’t like. At home, I’ve been eating pretty much the same foods over and over again, which is why I believe I’ve been eating out so much.

To conclude, I am going to prepare different foods, eat less processed foods, and cut down on my sugar intake from alcohol and soda.

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Why is sugar and dairy so addicting?

Think of sugar as energy. Without energy, we wouldn’t be able to get out of bed, jog, play or go to work. Your brain knows life without sugar is not possible. Every time you eat sugar, the brain releases dopamine. Dopamine makes us feel good and tells our brain, “remember this and do it again.”

Dairy works in the same way. Think about it as an infant. You’re just born, and you need to eat to survive and grow. And what’s on the menu? Milk. Only milk. Milk is addicting to make sure you like it. Because if you don’t, you will not survive.

This could be a reason for soda and cheese cravings, and why kids only want sweets and milk.

So if you are not feeling 100 percent, it could be because you are abusing sugar and milk. Knowing how to make healthier choices can get you healthy. You are not alone. If you would like help getting healthy, contact me.

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Oats and coconut milk breakfast

vegan breakfast oats milk
vegan breakfast oats milk

plant based vegan oats and milk breakfast

For me, it doesn’t get any better than this breakfast. Why? Because it’s healthy, delicious, nutritious, simple to make and very convenient. Read more ›

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