Welcome to DefinitionHealth.com!

Hello, my name is Ralph Mrozek, and I created DefinitionHealth.com, as an outlet to anxiety and depression, which I have known for a good part of my life.

This site is a combination of tips, information and tools I found useful. There is a free course that goes over food and exercise. However, all this information is really a invitation for you to take accountability and responsibility for your own mental health. I invite you to connect with me, and I will help you go though the information, give you some light homework, and help you stay accountable.

You can start right now, by scheduling a 15 minute introduction phone call with me. Click here to schedule our call.

I think its important to take a real hard look at the things we can control when it comes to our mental health. There are things you can not control, such as your past, what someone said or did, possibly your current environment or your job, etc. In spite of all that, and no matter what your situation may be, there will always be a few things you can control. At the end of the day, those small steps may put some space between your anxiety/depression and yourself, and that may be just the start you need.

How will we do this? Well, we will start by our 15 minute phone call. Click here to schedule. What will we talk about. I’m not sure. We can discuss expectations, a little about the course. Possibly just get to know each other as well as we can over 15 minutes. After the phone call, moving forward, I like to communicate through an app called Voxer. Its free. Its great. Voxer allows us to communicate at our own pace. No pressure about missed calls or  texts. We can leave voice messages or texts for each other, and get to them when we can. We can discuss the course and assign simple homework based on the course. For example, I have a book review on an a good book I read about Abe Lincoln and his depression. Turns out Abe was seriously depressed all his life and achieved greatness. One of Lincoln’s ways of dealing with depression was telling jokes. It helped him get out of him head and enjoy the present moment. So homework could be, “Take time and think about the activities enjoy that help you stay present, in the moment, and out of your head” That’s about it.

For a free 15-minute introductory phone call, please schedule here. In the meantime, please check out our first tutorial on depression and anxiety.