Welcome to DefinitionHealth.com!

We are plant-based, vegan health consultants. Our goal is to help you get healthy right now. Why? Because a healthier you will make a healthier us, and everybody will be happier. We provide tutorials and professional help to get you healthy.

Please check out our first tutorial on depression and anxiety.

To compliment the tutorial, we offer the following services:

  1. Call us at 708.232.0720 for a free 15 minute consultation! We can introduce ourselves and the mentoring program, speak about what the program is all about, discuss timelines, go over why a consulting course and health is important, and touch upon how we can accomplish your health goals.
    • Free
  2. Unlimited email support, as well as a weekly 30-minute phone conversation to go over the anxiety and depression tutorial, over the course of 1 month.
    • $225
  3. Receive a package via USPS mail full of healthier, whole-ingredient snacks, such as potato chips, peanut brittle, coconut date bars.
    • $20 for smaller box, plus shipping
    • $50 for large box, plus shipping
  4. A trip to the grocery store and/or meal prep at your home. We can take a walk to a local grocery store, discuss labels, discuss recipes, purchase food, and help prepare the food.
    • Usually takes about 1 to 3+ hours.
    • $60 a hour from the time we meet at a grocery store or home.
    • $0.65 per mile to and from meet up place, as well as any parking fees.
    • Rate calculated from Homer Glen IL.
  5. Professional help from a nutritionist or dietician. We would get your blood work done, analyzed by a professional with weekly follow-ups and recommendations.
    • To be determined. Please call to discuss.
  6. Chef services and weekly meal preps, either dropped off at your home or prepared in your kitchen.
    • To be determined. Please call to discuss.

You can start today by:

  • Drinking enough water.
  • Eating healthier snacks and food.
  • Exercising, as little as a light walk.
  • Resting when tired. Take a nap. Restart and refresh.

Call us at 708.232.0720 for more information.